About us

Launched in 2013 with a mission to create beautiful cycling clothing that will stand out from the sea of monochrome. Designed using the highest quality italian fabrics and chamois that we can source to create apparel that give riders the levels of performance, comfort and style that they expect from quality cycling gear.

LAPIN creates cycling clothing that takes its inspiration from our surroundings; our experiences; the everyday; the whimsical; and sometimes the nonsensical. But regardless of the design, the quality remains the same.

LAPIN works on small orders, which means that we do not carry a lot of surplus stock, but our relationship with our factory means that stock can be manufactured and supplied within short time frames. And unlike many of our competitors we do not limit our sizing to simply Small, Medium, Large etc. Need a Small jersey and XL bib-knicks? Can do.

We also offer a fully custom service, so if you need a small order of kits for your shop, club or team, then we can help you there too. So get in touch to see what we can do for you.

Come along if you are looking for cycling kit that is always comfortable; always fashionable; and of course always understated.